Solace Ranch

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The Solace Ranch is located in Moffat County west of Sand Wash Basin – approximately 45 miles west of Craig, Colorado. Sand Wash Basin is home to one of the few remaining herds of free-roaming wild mustangs in the United States. It is also a destination for 4-wheeler and dirt bike enthusiasts.

The Solace Ranch consists of approximately 2018 deeded acres and has modest improvements including a home, barn and older corrals with elevations ranging from 5800 feet to 8200 feet. The ranch in in the coveted GMU 2 hunting area. This unit has produced several big bulls over the past 25 years.

Principle native vegetation on the ranch includes antelope bitterbrush, silver sagebrush, Wyoming big sagebrush and grasses with pinon and juniper trees covering the ridges and rolling hillsides.

Nearby Maybell, Colorado gets 13.6 inches of rain, on average, per year and averages 57.8 inches of snow per with 44.2 precipitation days and 241 sunny days. The average temperature in January is 16 degrees Fahrenheit while average July temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Solace Ranch borders the Sand Wash Ranch which is also for sale.

Map is attached – blue area is the Solace Ranch while orange indicates the adjacent Sand Wash Ranch.


45020 CO-318, Maybell, CO 81640, USA



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